In House Investor Service

When investment returns from most financial institutions are very low, many people are looking at buying property as a means of providing a regular monthly income and a long term investment for the future. At In House we have the experience and expertise to assist and advise with property investment. If you are considering your first Buy to Let property purchase or you are already an established property investor then please call or email us.

This service is tailored specifically for Landlords looking to invest in the Swindon area. With over 25 years of knowledge and experience of the Swindon letting market and comprehensive networking connections with local sales agents we are able to offer you a personal and professional service.

We can organise refurbishment, interior design, removals and cleaning at competitive rates with reputable companies.

Time and again we meet investors who have been poorly advised by either sales agents or advisors without local knowledge. This has resulted in poor investment choices where expected high rental yields have not materialised.

The common mistakes made are:

  • Lack of research leading to overpaying
  • Overestimating gross rental income
  • Overestimating net rental income, not taking into account letting fees, insurance, maintenance and depreciation of furnishings etc
  • Poor negotiating
  • Lack of contingency for interest rate and rental market fluctuation

Let us help you maximise your return.

There are two parts to generating a return on your investment:

  1. Capital Growth
    Local trends are more important than national house price data. We advise on prospective capital growth particular to the exact location.
  2. Rental income
    We specialise in the letting and management of property therefore we are uniquely positioned to advise on how to maximise your rental income.

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